5,000 Followers Gift: Sensible Starters - Part Two

Part One here.

The other day I looked at the number of people who follow this blog and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy that so many of you guys like to look at all this crap I make. So I decided to finish up part two of my starter home series—a project so long overdue I was starting to hope that people had forgotten about part one! I also think these are much better than the first ones, so I hope you like them too.

These lots are all starters—as in, less than $16,500 furnished. I prefer my starters to be big on space and short on furnishings, so I don’t have to move my Sims as soon as their household starts growing. So these are all very sparsely furnished, with everything you need to keep your Sims motives up and nothing more. 

May use items from any/all EPs. All lots use the following custom content; the roof specific to each lot is listed separately under the details (no CC included in the download):

The Allard

  • 20x20 lot
  • $16,094 | $14,134
  • 2 bd/1 ba

The Pryor

  • 20x20 lot
  • $16,066 | $14,111
  • 2 bd/1 ba
  • White Trim_Green6 roof by tammy_trauma (no longer available for download; substitute with QBUILDERZ’s green slate roof if you don’t have it)

The Milton

  • 20x20 lot
  • $14,262 | $13,103
  • 2 bd/1 ba
  • Hana_Roof_Blue_7 by tammy_trauma (no longer available for download; substitute with QBUILDERZ’s blue slate roof if you don’t have it)

The Dorsey

  • 20x20 lot
  • $16,434 | $15,482
  • 3 bd/1 ba (only one bedroom furnished with a bed)